SALMA producer Bremnes Seashore today enters as shareholder in Salmon Group, a network of 41 fish farmers who emphasize local ownership and interaction with the local communities. Through the ownership, Bremnes Seashore also takes part in Salmon Group's innovative feed collaboration.

- Salmon Group is very pleased to welcome a company who has such a good eye for the important drivers. Through a long period of conversations and discussion on important matters for us both, we are now well acquainted to each other. We are very confident that Bremnes Seashore is an aquaculture farmer who will fit well in our network, says Jan Olav Langeland, CEO of Salmon Group.

- We have a common set of values with the other owners in Salmon Group, a group of salmon and trout farmers who are at the forefront of the development of sustainable farming. All companies will contribute to activity and jobs in the local communities along the coast. This makes us a good fit with the network, says Einar Eide, CEO of Bremnes Seashore.

Common sustainability philosophy

In recent years, Salmon Group has distinguished itself with its systematic and concrete work on sustainability. Based on their feasibility study "Sustainable farming of salmon and trout - What is that?", the network has been able to make specific adjustments of its own feed recipe. The changes are specific and have so far resulted in a 36% reduction in the carbon footprint from the production of salmon and trout that are fed with SG feed.

- Salmon Group has taken major steps to reduce the footprint from feed production and transport and set the standard for sustainable feed for the aquaculture industry. We want to use more of marine raw materials and other sustainable feed sources, something we accomplish through this ownership, says Innovation Manager Laila Knarvik in Bremnes Seashore.

The Norwegian company Bremnes Seashore from Bømlo is a solid family business and a quality pioneer in salmon farming. With its strong drive and innovation in technology, brand development and strict requirements for production processes, the salmon producer has become a significant Norwegian food producer with strong brands also internationally. The brands SALMA and BÖMLO represent Norwegian salmon production in a very good and credible way and manage to reach a wide audience.

- The philosophy that drives both Bremnes Seashore and Salmon Group has many similarities, especially when it comes to feed strategy and the work with sustainability. We are both driven to work concretely and systematically with challenges in the industry that require new solutions and contribute to correct and fast adjustments. Here, Bremnes Seashore is at the forefront and we are proud that they are now joining the network, says Nils Aadland, Director of Public Relations in Salmon Group.

Feed and fish for demanding customers

For the Salmon Group network, it is especially the feed cooperation that binds the small and medium-sized fish farmers together. Major measures have been taken in this area in recent years, which both take care of animal welfare and ensure healthier resource management.

- We constantly make assessments of input factors in production and are conscious of choosing feed ingredients, transport methods and distances, technology, energy, etc. which can reduce the environmental impact. We must therefore always consider the composition of the feed to ensure that it reduces the overall impact. This includes taking care of the environment, welfare, health and nutritional needs of the fish, and a good and healthy product that appeals to consumers, says Feed and Purchasing manager in Salmon Group, Nils Inge Hitland.

The clear correlation between the welfare of the fish and the quality of the product that consumers meet in store are known. The fish diet is among the most important efforts factors to achieve good fish welfare and good quality of salmon products, and is at the same time the most important parameter indicate to see how sustainable the production of salmon is. Both Bremnes Seashore and Salmon Group see the value of setting strict requirements for themselves and their industry and to contributing to the development of the industry. They believe this is both a social responsibility and a follow-up to the responsibility of food producers.

- SALMA's customers seeks for quality and sustainability and they expect us to be industry lead on sustainability. High-quality feed is the core for the quality of the SALMA salmon, and we are always looking on how to best increase the quality of our products. Through the cooperation with Salmon Group, we now get a more forward-looking and sustainable feed, say Jaroslava Juricova-Olsen, Marketing Director at SALMA.

Bremnes Seashore joins Salmon Group on October 26, 2020.


Bremnes Seashore is one of Norway's leading suppliers of quality salmon to the world market and has established the wellknown brands SALMA and BÖMLO. Production takes place at 23 fish farms and three hatcheries in the Norwegian regions of Hardanger, Sunnhordland and Rogaland.

We produce 500,000 salmon meals every day from our state-of-the-art process and processing plant in Kvednavikjo in Bømlo municipality. Our sales companies Ocean Quality and Salmon Brands have branches in Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm, Paris, and Shanghai.

With over 450 employees and a turnover of NOK 2.8 billion, Bremnes Seashore is an important employer and active support player in the local communities where we operate. Emphasize sustainable development of industry and participate in many research and development projects in collaboration with suppliers, technology developers, business clusters and the research environment.

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Salmon Group is the world's largest network of local, family-owned fish farming and aquaculture companies. Pioneers in the business, with companies now running in the second and third generation. The network represents 12% of the total production volume in Norway. The total production of salmon and trout in the network is 155 000 metric tons. The total production of smolt is 55 million. Total turnover in the network is BNOK 7,5.

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