SALMAs process is less stressful for the fish and improves the quality.

Improved quality for the fish

This process is less stressful for the fish. The fish naturally flows through the process, without mechanical influence (like in a river). The fish is always kept in optimal water quality, where parameters can be monitored and controlled

Improvement for the environment

This process creates less risk of escape (avoids use of waiting cages, where risk of escape is significant). Collects fresh, clean water from the deep (8C), uses less energy for cooling.

The fish is delivered from the well boat directly to tanks on land, without discharge of water that impacts the environment.

Improves the quality

The fish is processed under the same conditions year-round, which results in consistent and high quality and firmer fish. Cold, high-quality water is the best criteria for hygienic production – important for good quality and a long shelf life.

Here you can see the old method:

The old method
This is the old method

Here you can see the new method:

The new method
This is the new method