SALMA has delivered salmon of the very finest quality for ten years, a fact of which we are immensely proud. SALMA is primarily prepared by people, not machines. This makes our product an example of first-class Norwegian craftsmanship.

An original innovator

We were the first to produce sashimi quality salmon loins, and we champion innovation in the seafood industry. We recently invested in completely new technology, which allows us to control the water temperature in our facilities with utmost and unprecedented precision. This means that the salmon is naturally chilled, resulting in completely unique quality.

Family-owned business

SALMA is produced by the family-owned company Bremnes Seashore, which is dedicated to producing a world-class, Norwegian quality product. The company’s headquarters and facility are located at Bømlo in Hordaland.

Healthy, delicious and fast

We want to inspire home cooks and foodies of every kind to create excellent dining experiences. We have collected our most popular SALMA recipes in this pamphlet to celebrate our anniversary. We hope you find a new favourite!

Philosophy: Fish welfare is a pillar

Olav Svendsen Jr. is following in his father’s footsteps as the current head of one of Norway’s largest family-owned fish farming companies. The company’s passion for fish welfare is key to its success. Their philosophy that each fish must be treated with care is the very pillar of the production process: Don’t disturb the fish more than absolutely necessary. We use advanced technology to ensure that our salmon have good living conditions. Our employees take pride in ensuring that the fish are doing well at all times.

Like livestock husbandry in Norwegian agriculture, the seafood industry also works with live animals. Just like Norwegian farmers, we are concerned with protecting our animals. Fish farming is relatively new in Norway. The industry is still young. But Norwegians deserve to know that SALMA’s standards are extremely high.

Fish welfare primarily involves making sure that the fish have enough room to move around. Bremnes Seashore, which delivers approx. 70% of the fish for SALMA, therefore has sea pens that exceed regulatory space requirements – just 1% fish and 99% water in each pen – more than twice as much room for the fish than is required by the industry standard. We do not sort our fish by size in the pen, because we know this can cause stress. Plenty of room makes for happy and healthy fish – a fact which is reflected in our finished products.

Harvesting from the sea requires wisdom and ingenuity

It is about seeing the value of the product as a whole. And it is about hygiene. SALMA aims to be the best, with Norway’s highest hygienic standards. We learned a lot about this when we were part of TINE BA.

SALMA’s philosophy is to generate value for all of Norway, particularly the local community on Bømlo, in Western Norway. This means that we carry great responsibility, but also serves as inspiration for our work. The profits we earn from refining the resources from the sea are reinvested – mainly into further development of increased food quality, fish welfare and innovation in the salmon products of the future.

Production: First-class Norwegian craftsmanship

Excellent fish welfare and a high-quality final product are closely linked. There are multiple reasons why it is important that the fish experience as little stress as possible. The new technology developed by the Agricultural University of Norway and Bremnes Fryseri in the mid-1990s still sets the standard for this work. By allowing the fish to move from sea-temperature waiting pens, to ocean basins where the sea temperature has been lowered to just two degrees, the fish experience a natural cooling process. This innovative technology makes it possible to maintain a high level of fish welfare, minimise impact on the local environment and deliver top-notch fresh salmon year-round.

SALMA is first-class Norwegian craftsmanship. All stages of production take place in Norway, from roe to finished product on the shelf. SALMA is mainly produced by people, not machines. A machine cannot replace the sensitivity and senses of a skilled person when it comes to developing quality products. Our factory is a unique working partnership, and our employees have become experts at their craft. This is essential to ensure that only the very best salmon becomes SALMA. We guarantee that no more than four hours pass from when the fish is collected from the sea until it is packaged. SALMA has proven quality advantages when it comes to taste, texture, meat quality and colour.

The salmon is processed and packaged using a unique method which ensures an exceptional taste experience. As a result of our respect for the fish, we focus on also using the parts that are not sold as loin. Some of the by-products are sold as food, while the rest are used to produce fish oil, animal feed and protein powder. By buying SALMA, we can use the parts of the fish that you would not have been able to make use of in your own kitchen. This makes our production sustainable and environmentally friendly.

To ensure that both the shops that sell SALMA and the people eating it can learn more about the history of the fish, a ‘résumé’ is prepared for each salmon. This means that you can review the history of your exact fish. The résumé shows which fish farming pen the fish comes from, exactly where the pen was located in the sea, and the food it was fed. The fact that SALMA is a quality product from start to finish is no secret.