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Ansvar & personvern på SALMA®s nettsteder Vi jobber hele tiden for å gi deg gode brukeropplevelser på For å få til dette samler vi inn informasjon om brukermønster og persondata. På denne siden vil du finne all informasjon om...
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SALMA joins Salmon Group
SALMA producer Bremnes Seashore today enters as shareholder in Salmon Group, a network of 41 fish farmers who emphasize local ownership and interaction with the local communities. Through the ownership, Bremnes Seashore also takes part in Salmon Group's innovative feed...
New SALMA factory
Bremnes Seashore builds a new SALMA factory. A new processing facility enables us to produce more SALMA and BÖMLO. The Board of the Seashore Group has decided to build a new cold store and processing facility at our factory in...
Live cold fish
SALMAs process is less stressful for the fish and improves the quality. Improved quality for the fish This process is less stressful for the fish. The fish naturally flows through the process, without mechanical influence (like in a river). The...
SALMA Smoked is a fresh and mild smoked salmon, made of top quality SALMA loin and cold-smoked wit SALMA's unique method. The unit weight is 150 g fixed weight.
SALMA Burger is our salmon burger. It is made of nicely cut pieces of SALMA, mixed with a little salt. It is a unique product and the burger is perfect on the grill or frying in the pan. Each burger...
Whole loin
SALMA Whole loin is made of both back and belly loins of superior salmon. It is produced pre-rigor and it is skin and boneless. The unit weight varies between 300 - 1150 g.
Half loin
SALMA half loin is made of both back and belly loins of superior salmon. It is produced pre-rigor and it is skin and boneless. The unit weight varies between 175 - 500 g.
Tartar with potato chips
Salmon tartare is delicious and suitable both as a snack for the drink or as a fresh appetizer.
Sashimi with ponzu sauce
Sashimi is the ultimate SALMA dish. Easy to make, and so good!
Try a delicious soup with first class Norwegian salmon.
SALMA rolles
These salmon rolls are almost as fun to make as to eat!
Johnny Håberg
Our story
The story of SALMA is a story of courage, innovation and cooperation. About how the world’s best salmon product was created in a small coastal community in Western Norway. Quality, ingenuity and a lot of hard work led to success...
Ten years of innovation
SALMA has delivered salmon of the very finest quality for ten years, a fact of which we are immensely proud. SALMA is primarily prepared by people, not machines. This makes our product an example of first-class Norwegian craftsmanship. An original...
Anna Olsson
Emeric Machurot
SALMA Certifications
GLOBAL GAP - Production processThe standard covers the entire production chain, from broodstock, seedlings and feed suppliers to farming, harvesting, processing and post-harvest handling operations. It serves as a practical manual for any aquaculture producer, ensuring food safety , minimal...
SALMA burger
Salmon burger with avocado cream & mango salsa